Custom Work - Commisions

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.. Trinity
20" x 20" ground steel.

..Never Forget
This piece was created on 9-11-08. The NY skyline is depicted with words "Never Forget- 9.11.2001". In the center is a rendition of a NYC subway token that is contrasted in a black patina.



Methodist Cross and Flame
with Jersulam Crosses

Designed for the renovation of the Youth Building at Northridge United Methodist Church.
Compliments the design of the room with ground steel cross and the flame colored with red patina.

Garden Dancer
These 2 pieces provide a focal point for this entry courtyard. One is at the entry and the other is attached to a door, which makes it look like a gate. Both pieces are done in a beautiful brown patina and are sealed to withstand the elements.

Spirit Center Mirror
This piece will hang on the wall to provide a place of reflection. This antiqued mirror is surrounded by metal with a brown patina. The tiles are attached with magnets that can be moved around. Other magnets can be added.

24" diameter mirror
overall piece is 40" x 26"

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